Weird Girl (real name; Cynthia) is a character who appeared in the 2012 animated version of Frankenweenie. She is voiced by Catherine O'Hara in the movie. She is the quinary antagonist of the movie.


Weird Girl doesn't fit in well with the other kids in New Holland, but it's easy to see why-she delivers omnicous pronouncements in a monotune voice withan unnerving stare. Her constant companion is her fluffy, white cat Mr. Whiskers, whose unblinking gaze matches her own. The other kids give them a wide berth-espicially when Wierd Girl rambles about Mr. Whiskers' dreams. She is 10-years-old.


  • Weird girl bares strong resemblance to Staregirl, a character from the Stain Boy web episodes.
  • Weird Girl resembles Kim Boggs from Edward Scissorhands.
  • Anne Chambers and Weird Girl are a lot like each other, there both blonde, wear pink flower dresses and are really strange.
  • In the PTA meeting, a mother says her daughter Cynthia has been asking weird questions, the theory it's Weird Girl's name.