"The Wedding Song"
"The Wedding Song"

"The Wedding Song" is a song of the film Corpse Bride.




Group Chorus: Wedding, a wedding, we're going to have a wedding, a wedding! (repeats)

Spider: Hold on Victor, You can't get married looking like that.

Spider Chorus: The spiders think you're very cute,
but goodness knows you need a suit.
But have no fears, we're quite adept,
we'll have you looking lovely (7Xs) yet.
A little stitch, a little tuck, some tender loving care.
A little thread will fix you up and we've got plenty as you see,  
And personally guarantee our quality repairs.
A little here, a fix of this,
We're going to do our best.
When everyone will see you, they will all be touching breasts.
They will all be writing breasts.

Zombies: A wedding, we're going to have-

Mrs. Plum: -a wedding cake is no mistake, it must be quite sublime.

Dead Kitchen staff 2: We're missing something..

Dead Kitchen Staff 1: -Try some dust

Mrs. Plum: I wish I had more time...

Dead Kitchen staff 2: Perhaps there's something I can do, these bones might help a bit

Dead Kitchen staff 1: My nose!

Dead Kitchen Staff 2: Sorry

Mrs. Plum: Wait a mintue...that's it!!

Dead Kitchen Staff 1: A little that

Dead Kitchen Staff 2: A little this

Kitchen Chorus: The perfect cake is hard to miss. A wedding, a wedding We're going to have a wedding!

Soldiers Chorus: Huzzah! Huzzah!
We're going to have a wedding. Hurray!
A wedding! Hurray!
One thing you can surely say is we will stand beside
Until the end, we will defend our one and only bride.
Our bride to be, our bride to be,
our lovely Corpse Bride.
Huzzah! Hurray! Huzzah! Hurray!
The bride is getting married today.

Misc Crowd: Oh! Here she comes, Oh look! It's her.

Female Chorus: Ohhhhhh....the bride is here.
She's waited for this day for many a year.
For this day, for this day.
Our hopes and our pride. The bride is here.
Here comes the bride(3Xs)..our bride.
For this day, for this day will last forever And all of her friends will work together.
To make it the perfect day she's always dreamed.
Our hopes and our pride.
Our bride, our lovely bride.

Group Chorus: We're going to have a party like no-one has ever seen. The Living in the land above will not know where they've been. The Land above..(the Land above) The party of...(the party of) The Bride!!! Here comes the bride. On her glorious day of days. Up to the Land of the Living to celebrate!!!


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