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Role In The Movie Edit

Shelly is bought back to life by Toshaiki, but is turned into a 50 foot monster by Miracle Grow. Shelly later attacks the Dutch Day festival. Shelly almost eats Mr & Mrs Frankenstein in a telephone booth. Shelly is killed when attempingg to eat Toshaiki off the ferric wheel, but is electrocted when she steps on a puddle of electric. She is the climax antagonist of Frankenweenie.

Trivia Edit

  • Shelly resembles Gamera and Godzilla.
  • He's named after the creator of Frankenstein Mary Shelly.
  • When Shelly steps on Colossus it mimics the short film Bambi Vs Godzilla.
  • Shelly represents all giant Japanese monsters from movies.

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