• The Riddler was in mind of Tim Burton's second sequel to Batman. This is evidenced by Daniel Waters' May 1991 draft where in reference is made to The Riddler.[41] Jim Carrey ultimately portrayed The Riddler in the Joel Schumacher-helmed Batman Forever. Edward Nygma is an employee of Wayne Enterprises who invents a device called "The Box", that transmits images directly into the user's mind. Nygma sees it as the next generation of television, but Bruce Wayne rejects the idea, as mental manipulation raises "too many questions". Nygma ultimately discovers that his device can drain people of their intellect to increase his own intelligence. After killing his supervisor, he dons the "Riddler" identity, allies himself with Two-Face and steals vast amounts of money and jewels to fund his own company, Nygmatech, and mass-produce his invention. The devices transfer the stolen information to a gigantic Mother Box on Claw Island, where it is planted in the Riddler's mind. In the process, he learns that Wayne is Batman. He and Two-Face raid Wayne Manor, destroy the Batcave, and kidnap Batman's love interest, Dr. Chase Meridian, and his new crimefighting partner Robin. In the film's climactic scene, Batman destroys the Mother Box, causing the intelligence Riddler stole and even the intelligence he originally had to be siphoned back out of his mind, driving him insane. Riddler is locked up in Arkham Asylum, where he believes that he himself is Batman.

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