Jim was a teenage boy who was the Ex-Boyfriend of Kim Boggs and enemy of Edward. He is the main antagonist in the movie and played by Anthony Michael Hall.


in high school  he fell in love with Kim but was drunk after drinking a large amount of alchohol. He and Esmeralda were the only people in the neighborhood to dislike the man with scissorhands Edward. He planned a break-in in his parents' house and when the burglar alarm hit, everyone but Edward escaped. Despite Kim's orders to turn back to get Edward, Jim did not turn back. When Kim got cut by accident, Jim became angry and thought Edward did it on purpose and attacks him. Kim, who was fed with Jim's behavior around him, broke up with him and Jim went to his friends in the van and drinks alchohol. Jim, after him his friend almost runs over Kevin Boggs after Edward saves him, follows Kim in the mansion where Edward lived and brutally attacks him. During the fight, Edward stabs him in the stomach and pushes him to fall out of a window to his death. It is unknown what happened to his dead body or if he was buried.


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