James Dale acted as the president of the United States in the movie Mars Attacks. Toward the end of the movie, he tried to persuade the martians to stop attacking, but the martians never listened and end up killing the president Dale. James Dale is played by Jack Nicholson. He is 59-years-old. James was very sure that the Martians were kind and peaceful and wanted to make a first contact with them,which was failed and also all his attempts to befriend with the Martians. He was the husband of Marsha Dale and father of Taffy Dale. The Martians considered him as a fool coward in his insistence to turn them peaceful and friendly with the humanity. When the Martians killed his wife,he was forced by General Decker to allow nuclear warfare attacking against the hostile race. James also tried to alert the other presidents of other countries to avoid contact with the Martians,just as Paris was destroyed. He was killed by the Martian Leader when he made a touching speech with a plea for peace in attempt to make them stop attacking. The Leader seemed to be touched and cried. When they shook hands,the Martian's hand was a robotic hand with a long sharp tail which impaled the president with the Martian flag.