In the Director's Chair: The Man Who Invented Edward Scissorhands is a mockumentary about the life of Tim Burton and the making of Edward Scissorhands. Towards the end of the program it is revealed that his next project will be the fictional film Two Heads, One Soul.


  • Will Lyman - Narration
  • Ben McCreary as young Tim Burton
  • Elizabeth MacDonald as Rickie Burton
  • Biff Yeager as Bill Burton
  • Patrick LaBrecque as Brother
  • Amy M. Allen as Sister
  • Hannah Eckstein as Aunt
  • Jimm Giannini as Uncle
  • Dawn Eash as Girl Next Door
  • Glenn Shadix as Clown
  • Stuart Lancaster as Neighbor
  • Jim Brown as himself, playing Tortured Siamese Twin.
  • Heather Thomas as herself, playing Tortured Siamese Twin.
  • Tim Burton as "the Director"


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