Descended from the first ape to step foot on the Planet of the Apes, General Thade has risen to his position thanks to his regal bloodline. That's probably a good thing for him since his violent mood swings might have gotten him killed by now. As the military leader, he intimidates all who he encounters, even the women and children.

Things begin to get *cough* hairy when an astronaut (Mark Wahlberg) crash lands on the surface and helps spark a resistance amongst the population. Thade deals with this hairless ape the way he does everyone else: by incessantly snarling at him. When that fails, Thade decides to use his physical ape abilities to easily jump higher and attack faster than his adversaries. He may not be a great military leader mentally, but the troops have to love a general who does his own fighting.

Ultimately, Thade's thirst for power would lead him to make mistakes an alienate others. Then again, perhaps he wins in the end. I don't know... if anyone can make sense of the ending of the movie, let me know. *grin*

INTELLIGENCE - 5: He may have been in command of the armies, but he was no orangutan.

POWER - 8: Excellent strength and agility, easily superior to a normal human.

VILENESS - 7: Another leader who didn't mind killing off his own troops to get his way.

SWAY - 8: Able to intimidate everyone on the planet, but often gets carried away by his desires.

PURITY - 9: Thade's over-the-top addiction to power gives him his highest score here.

PHYSICAL - 6: His shortness of stature knocks down the points from his permanent snarl.

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