Elsa Van Helsing is a character in Tim Burton's 2012 animated feature film Frankenweenie. She is voiced by Winona Ryder.


Elsa Van Helsing is a soulful and somber classmate of Victor Frankenstein. She lives next door to him with her tyrant uncle, Mayor Burgemeister, who forces her to be this year’s “Little Dutch Girl” at the town’s celebration of Dutch Day. She has a beautiful singing voice. Elsa also has a beloved pet, her poodle Persephone, and truly empathizes with Victor when he loses Sparky. Elsa is also Victor's love interest.


  • Elsa's appearance and hair style is very similar of Lydia Deetz, also played by Winona Ryder.
  • Like Lydia, Elsa is also Goth.
  • There are hints in the movie that Elsa and Victor have a crush on one another. (e.g: locking eyes, she went to his baseball game, shyness to talk to each other, her being the only one that actually cares for how Victor feels when he loses Sparky,  when he saved her from the burning windmill.)