Dr. Julia Hoffman is the Elizabeth Collins Stoddard's and David Collins'psychiastrit. Julia was drunk when Victoria Winters arrived.


She had already been mentioned by Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, when she was welcoming Winters and explaning about Collinwood. Dr. Hoffman was going to live at Collinwood for two months to take care of David Collins, because his mother was dead. In the following morning to Barnabas Collins' arrival, Julia had a hangover and said: - "Who the hell is him?" when she fist saw Barnabas. She got a strange impression when she caught Barnabas starring at the lava lamp in Carolyn Stoddard's bedroom. Hoffman invited him for a consult and Barnabas accepted it. Hoffman took Branabas to her office and used hypnosis, which made her find out that he was a vampire. Before that, she took his blood. Julia got really mad and told Barnabas off to Elizabeth, who asked her not to tell anyone. At another lunch time, Dr. Hoffman agreed with Barnabas to close the courtains because he was starting to become a vampire. When Julia found out that Barnabas was a vampire, she made a transfusion with his blood. During the ball, Hoffman remained seated observating and dancing Alice Cooper. One day, when Julia was making the transfusion, Barnabas got to his office and found out what she was doing. Barnabas got really mad and killed Dr. Hoffman with a bite. Julia's limp body is wrapped in a weighted canvas and dumped by Barnabas and Willie Loomis into the Atlantic waters off Collinsport, her bright red hair shown vividly sinking into the green depths and presumably concluding her role in the film. When Roger Collins left, Elizabeth asked herself where sad was Dr. Hoffman to comfort David. Barnabas looked at her and nodded, even though he killed her. In the last movie scene, in the Atlantic waters, Julia wakes up, because Barnabas had bitted her, turning her into a vampire.


Dr. Hoffman have a short orange red hair. Have two prays when her turns a vamp and nail extensions in your hands.