Don Price
Don Price was the former friend of Edward Bloom, brother of Zacky Price, and former boyfriend of Sandra Templeton.


During his childhood Don with his brother, Edward, Wilbur, and Ruthie went to the Witch's house to find her glass eye. Before Edward went inside the house, Don called her mother the "B" word, despite Ruthie being with them and agreed for Ed to get the eye. When Ed met the witch, she showed him and Zacky their future deaths. Through the years when Edward made big things, Don was always the last one picked.

Later during his college years he dated with Sandra Templeton and later became engaged with her. When Ed started showed his love with Sandra and planted her flowers, Don caught him dating with her and started to beat him up. But Ed did not fight back (as he had promised Sandra not to) and Sandra cut off the engagement after watching in horror at the fight.

As the Witch predicted, Don would later sit in the toilet reading a magazine but die from a heart attack. This, however, was shown before the part where Sandra cut off the engagement.

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