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Sleepy Hollow (1999) Edit

Ichabod Crane: [the decapitated corpse of Masbath has been found] You have moved the body. 
Dr. Thomas Lancaster: I did. 
Ichabod Crane: You must never move the body! 
Dr. Thomas Lancaster: Why not? 
Ichabod Crane: Because... 

Dr. Thomas Lancaster: This is most irregular, Constable. 
Ichabod Crane: I should hope so, Doctor, but in this case necessary. I shall need to operate. 
Dr. Thomas Lancaster: Operate? She's dead. 

Dr. Thomas Lancaster: Enough have died already. It is time we confess our sins! 

Ichabod Crane: Once more, the neck wound cauterized. The sword thrust to the stomach... the same. But, to what purpose? 
Dr. Thomas Lancaster: To what is your purpose is the question. 
[Dr. Lancaster inquisitively looks at one of Ichabod's operating tools
Dr. Thomas Lancaster: What manner of instruments are these? 
Ichabod Crane: Some of my own design!

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