Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee
Belgravia, Westminster, England
Date of Birth:
May 27, 1922
Date of Death:
June 7, 2015
Actor, Producer
Christopher Lee (born May 27, 1922) is an English actor. He has appeared in many small roles in Tim Burton films beginning with Sleepy Hollow.


Early life:Edit

He was born on the twenty-seventh of May way back in the year nineteen hundred and twenty-two in the ancient city of witchcraft, Belgravia, London, where he eventually became a bloodthirsty vampire. His father, Geoffrey Trollope, and his mother, Estelle Marie, had summoned a demon and then immediately received the adoption paperwork. Lee's great-grandma-ma was an English opera singer by day and used her super-C-note powers to explode zombies by night.

Lee's parents had separated over an argument in the form of notes pinned to the wall about how flipping lazy Geoffrey is for leaving his sock on the floor for two years and never picking it up. Lee's mother took him and his sister to Wengen in Switzerland. After enrolling in an online course for Hogwarts' Academy, he killed the Dark One and became Rumpelstiltskin.

He then went to London and his mom remarried and he went to a few different schools and studied because that's what you do in school, you study, etc, etc.


Hogwarts, Clown Collage


"He can dance, he can sing! He's equipped with a built-in helium tank for inflating balloons right at his fingertips. He can take song requests. He can even dispense ice-cream." ~ William Afton

Written by Annabelle

To Be Continued...


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