Directed by:
Written by:
Lee Batchler
Janet Scott-Batchler
Akiva Goldsman
Music by:
Art direction:
Edited by:
Dennis Virkler
Mark Stevens
Distributed by:
Release date(s):
United States:
June 16, 1995
June 29, 1995
United Kingdom:
July 14, 1995
Running time:
122 min.
$100 million
Gross revenue:
Batman Forever is the 1995 follow-up to the Tim Burton's films BATMAN and Batman Returns. Joel Schumacher replaces Burton as director, while Burton decided to stay on as producer. It was followed by a sequel in 1997, Batman & Robin, in which Burton, for unknown reasons, did not participate.



Even though Tim Burton's Batman Returns was a financial success, Warner Bros. felt the film should have made more money and decided to make the Batman series more mainstream. Burton was asked to restrict himself to the role of producer and approved of Joel Schumacher as director.



Filming started in September 1994. Although they were friends, Burton often disagreed with Schumacher's decisions, especially in the filming of several scenes removed from the final cut (later added as deleted scenes on the 2005 DVD release). Warner Bros. demanded that Schumacher delete those scenes so the film did not have the same tone as its predecessor, Batman Returns.

Reception Edit

The critical reaction to Batman Forever was generally mixed to negative.

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