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"Johanna" is a song of the film Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.



The sailor Anthony Hope falls in love at first sight with Sweeney Todd's daughter, Johanna, and he swears that he'll save the girl from the cruel Judge Turpin, her protector.


I feel you, Johanna,

I feel you

I was half-conviced I'd waken,

Satisfied enough to dream you,

Happily I was mistaken,


I'll steal you, Johanna

I'll steal you

Do they think that wall can hide you?

Even now I'm at your window?

I am in the dark beside you

Buried sweetly in your yellow hair!

I feel you, Johanna

And one day

I'll steal you!

'Till I'm with you then

I'm with you there!

Sweetly buried in your yellow hair!


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